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Program director and Senior Facilitator


Courses are developed and delivered by Senior Facilitator, Tarian Dixon. Tarian has over 15 years experience in designing and delivering contract and procurement training to government.

Guest speakers

The Diploma will include presentations by leading experts with practical experience in the procurement and contracting field.


Certificate IV in Procurement and Contracting (PSP40616)

  • 8 days over 8 weeks

  • Commencing: Tuesday, 11 February 2020

  • Timetable

  • Registrations close: 11 January 2020

  • Venue: TBA

  • Cost: $4200 or $600 (if eligible for ACT User Choice funding)

Diploma of Procurement and Contracting (PSP50616)

  • 10 days over 4 months

  • Commencing: Wednesday, 3 June 2020

  • Timetable

  • Registrations close: 27 April 2020

  • Venue: TBA

  • Cost: $4995

Advanced Diploma of Procurement and Contracting (PSP60616)

  • 12 days over 6 months

  • Commencing: Wednesday, 5 February 2020

  • Timetable

  • Registrations close: 12 January 2020

  • Venue: TBA

  • Cost: $5600


We also offer these courses on a closed and tailored basis for your Department if there is sufficient demand. 

Procurement and Contracting Training

We deliver the following nationally recognised qualifications on Procurement and Contracting. The training is suitable for persons responsible for the procurement of goods and services in public sector agencies and departments.


  • cERTIFICATE iv in procurement and contracting (PSP40616)

With the Certificate IV, you will gain competencies in understanding and complying with relevant legislation and policies when planning procurement.  You will learn how to identify and manage risks in procurement and contracting.  You will also learn how to target your market research and develop internal and external networks.

Units of Competency
Core units
    PSPETH002        Uphold and support the values and principles of public service
    PSPGEN038        Identify and treat risks
    PSPGEN042        Exercise delegations   
    PSPGEN043        Apply government processes
    PSPLEG002         Encourage compliance with legislation in the public sector
    PSPPCM004        Plan procurement
    PSPPCM005        Develop and distribute requests for offers
    PSPPCM006        Select providers and develop contracts
    PSPPCM007        Manage contracts

    Elective units
    BSBMKG408        Conduct market research
    PSPGEN024         Use resources to achieve work unit goals
    PSPPCY004         Support policy implementation
    PSPGEN033         Use advanced workplace communication strategies
    BSBPNG522         Undertake project work
    PSPGEN039         Develop internal and external networks



The Diploma is particularly suited to people with management responsibility (or those wishing to progress into management) for procurement and contracting including coordinated procurement across the whole-of-government.  You will also learn how to plan, finalise and manage the process and how to use complex workplace communication strategies and manage the whole supply chain.

Units of Competency
    Core units
    PSPETH003         Promote the values and ethos of public service
    PSPGEN049         Undertake negotiations
    PSPLEG003          Promote compliance with legislation in the public sector
    PSPPCM008         Manage contract performance
    PSPPCM009         Finalise contracts
    PSPPCM010         Manage procurement risk
    PSPPCM011         Plan to manage a contract
    PSPPCM012         Plan for procurement outcomes
    PSPPCM013         Make procurement decisions

    Elective units  
    BSBMKG506         Plan market research
    BSBPUR504          Manage a supply chain
    PSPGEN054          Use complex workplace communication strategies
    PSPPCM015         Conduct and manage coordinated procurement


  • Advanced Diploma in Procurement and Contracting (PSP60616)

The Advanced Diploma is designed for Managers and Senior Managers in the Public Service who are working in (or working towards) a management role in strategic procurement and contracting.

 Units of Competency
    Core units
    PSPETH004         Maintain and enhance confidence in public service
    PSPGEN067         Establish and maintain strategic networks
    PSPLEG004          Manage compliance with legislation in the public sector
    PSPMGT006         Develop a business case
    PSPMGT007         Manage risk
    PSPPCM020         Plan for strategic procurement
    PSPPCM021         Coordinate strategic procurement
    PSPPCM022         Negotiate strategic procurement
    PSPPCM023         Manage strategic contracts

    Elective units  
    BSBWHS603        Implement WHS risk management
    PSPGEN066          Apply government systems
    PSPMGT008         Formulate business strategies
    PSPMGT011         Develop partnering arrangements
    PSPPCM024         Manage fundamental aspects of supply chain
    PSPPCY010         Manage policy implementation

The course materials and workplace simulations embed project management principle underpinned by domestic and international standards including ISO 21500:2016.