Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Training 

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qualifications we deliver

These programs are all contextualised for individual learner needs and we work with corporate clients to identify and deliver the most appropriate units of competency which meet their needs.  Among the qualifications on our scope in this area, we offer the following:

  • Legal One Compliance Training


  • Eyes and Ears, Queensland

our approach

ACFEC has extensive experience in delivering Indigenous training. Working closely with local communities, we have been instrumental in the delivery of hands-on compliance training that combines best practice environmental management principles with customary law, native title, state law and Commonwealth law.

Our training materials are adapted and contextualised to suit local customs. All of ACFEC’s training is underpinned by an acknowledgement of the deep understanding and connection that Indigenous people have with Australia’s natural environment.

Our comprehensive understanding of how to deliver training in remote locations, and our passion for Indigenous education and advancement, is reflected by the excellent feedback we receive.


Our assessment approach

Our courses are competency based and contextualised to client settings. We train officers using highly-practical exercises to improve skills and maximise workplace performance.



ACFEC recognises the traditional owners and custodians of the land, seas and rivers of Australia. We pay our respects to Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander elders past and present, and aspire to learn from traditional knowledge and customs so that, together, we can protect our environment and cultural heritage through law.