Investigation and Regulatory Training

We deliver nationally accredited training in diverse areas, which includes Certificate IV in Government and Diploma of Public Safety, to employees in public sector agencies and departments both at State and Commonwealth levels. We also deliver training programs to statutory bodies such as local government and water authorities.

Our courses are competency based and contextualised to client settings. We train officers using highly-practical exercises to improve skills and maximise workplace performance.


Our approach

At ACFEC, we use a learning pedagogy which identifies, designs, develops, implements and evaluates the clients' training needs. We implement this pedagogy through full contextualisation of learning materials and assessment tools. In addressing the clients' training needs and course design, we use the ADDIE model of project management. 

The design process gives effect to the risk management, operational, legislative and governance requirements of clients and ensures that the learning methodology is adapted to the particularities of the client.



ACFEC deliver training in various environments so it meets the specific needs of the location and environment, and we cover a number of regulatory areas such as:

  • Environmental Protection

  • Biodiversity

  • Fair Trading and Consumer Protection

  • Forestry

  • Fisheries

  • Financial Crime

  • Catchment and Land Protection

  • Aboriginal Heritage Protection

  • Native Vegetation

  • Taxation

  • Mining

  • Biosecurity and Emergency Responses

  • Education


delivering specific units of competency

We are able to support the clients' training needs and levels of capability through designing and developing short courses where specific units of competencies have been identified. As an example, ACFEC can assist you in identifying the relevant units of competency that minimum standards for the appointment of authorised officers, inspectors or rangers. 



We develop and design assessment tools in collaboration with learning managers, senior managers and senior investigators. At ACFEC, we seek to develop assessment tools such as complex workplace simulations that reflect the operating environment of the client. This approach supports and enhances the learners' understanding of the agencies or departments regulatory approach and investigative guidelines, policies and procedures.

In applying this approach, ACFEC adopts a flipped classroom model, so the formal face-to-face training can focus on practical application of investigative skills




These programs are all contextualised for individual learner needs and we work with organisational clients to identify and deliver the most appropriate units of competency which meet their needs.

Our scope of registration includes:

  • PSP30116 Certificate III in Government

  • PSP40416 Certificate IV in Government Investigations

  • PSP50416 Diploma of Government Investigations

  • PUA33112 Certificate III in Public Safety (Biosecurity Response Operations)

  • PUA42912 Certificate IV in Public Safety (Biosecurity Response Leadership)

  • PUA52412 Diploma of Public Safety (Biosecurity Response Management)

In addition to delivering the qualifications listed above, ACFEC also delivers specialist short courses to the public sector, please click here to find out more.


ongoing training support

During the training ACFEC provides a learning manual containing essential legislation, PowerPoint presentations, extracts and articles for future reference, and other materials that are tailored to meet organisations' needs. The participants are also provided with access to Online Learning Platform, Moodle, which allows learners to engage with materials parallel to the face-to-face course material.