ACT Biosecurity Emergency Response Training Workplace Simulation


 VIDEO: ACFEC training covered by WIN News Canberra

In a rapidly globalising world, maintaining Australia’s biosecurity is a harder task than ever before.  Poor management of biosecurity emergencies could lead to devastating effects on Australia's economy and environment.  Having the ability to effectively respond to these emergencies is paramount.  

In March 2017, the Australian Centre for Financial and Environmental Compliance delivered two workplace simulations to 50 ACT Government staff.   The workplace simulation was based on a foot-and-mouth disease outbreak.  A foot-and-mouth disease outbreak could cost Australia an estimated $50 billion, or more, over ten years, and have a significant lasting impact on Australia’s agricultural industry.  In a media release from the Environment, Planning and Sustainable Development Directorate, ACT Biosecurity Senior Manager, Stephen Hughes stated: “Exercises like this are a vital part of maintaining and improving Australia’s preparedness and ability to respond to an emergency animal disease outbreak”

The workplace simulation followed nationally recognised training delivered by ACFEC from December 2016, where the participants were trained in biosecurity emergency response principles and procedures, which they then applied to the two-day workplace simulation.   The training engaged ACT Government staff from all levels; team members, team leaders and team managers.  The workplace simulation was designed to give the staff exposure to working in an actual Local Disaster Control Centre giving effect to relevant legislation such as the Animal Diseases Act 2005.  Field teams were deployed to local properties to practice surveillance and tracing procedures, logistics teams were expected to source resources, and the public information team disseminated information as required.

PHOTO: Team managers engaging in a mock briefing


“The whole thing was very realistic…”
Team Manager

“Everything covered as to my own IMT [Incident Management Team] – Biosecurity experiences.” 
Team Leader

“Really good experience & appreciated the level of input from experts.”
Team Member


For further information or enquiries regarding biosecurity training see ACFEC Biosecurity Response Training or contact ACFEC CEO, Roger Ilitch, at


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