Our commitment to environmental protection policy

ACFEC has environmental protection and environmental risk management process policies in place which require the implementation of environmentally sustainable practices where possible, and a regular review of internal practices to improve environmental performance. 

Our environmental risk management processes also includes our commitment to pro bono work, where each year ACFEC initiates and participates in pro bono projects to protect the environment.  Presently, ACFEC is seeking to manage a program for delivery in training in Oceania in the use of drones for environmental protection and regulation.

As part of continuous improvement initiatives, ACFEC has increased use of the e-learning platform, Moodle, which ACFEC promotes within the scope of accessibility and environmental consideration.  Moodle acts as a unique repository for training information, easily accessible to learners, but is also a strong tool against paper waste.  Furthermore, where possible, learning materials that can be reused are collected at the end of the course for future courses to reduce waste.

ACFEC has implemented several environmental and sustainability initiatives within the organisation.  ACFEC is actively moving away from planned obsolescent ideologies and striving towards reducing its impact on the environment.  This includes the reduction of our carbon footprint, our embodied carbon footprint and resources to landfill.  ACFEC utilises carbon neutral paper for its course materials, recycles cartridges and toner bottles, and re-purposes and recycles stationary materials and files.