Professional Financial Crime Control Program - 5 days



Delivery Mode

  • Face to Face



  • TBA



  • Canberra


ACFEC delivers training solutions for supporting and developing Financial Crime and Fraud control capacity within the public and private sectors. This program is suitable for those working within the public and private sectors, such as financial institutions and Commonwealth departments, irrespective of their disciplinary background, experience level and current role. 

course CONTENT

This course covers 3 major areas:

  • Introduction to Financial Crime

The first day of the course provides an overview of financial crime, in particular fraud and money laundering and business structures. Business structures are relevant to, and used in the commission of financial crimes and predicate offences, which give rise to the proceeds of crime in the case of money laundering.

  • Applied Financial Crime Control

The learners are introduced to financial crime control processes including investigations.

  • Advanced Financial Crime Control

Emphasis is placed on proactive financial crime control processes.

This course includes the following nationally recognised units of competency:

  1. PSPINV002 Conduct an investigation

  2. PSPREG021 Coordinate investigation processes

  3. PSPFRU003 Communicate fraud control awareness

  4. PSPFRU004 Anticipate and detect possible fraud activity

Upon successful completion, these units can be credited towards the qualification of PSP50416 Diploma of Government Investigations.

Assessment tasks

ACFEC applies a risk-based approach to determine the risks of an assessment tool. Assessment tools include:

  • practical exercises

  • participation in a workplace simulated assessment activity

  • testing of underpinning knowledge through short answer questions, and

  • requests for learners to provide evidence of prior application of skills and pre-courses assignment (where required and requested by the client)