Diploma of Public Safety (Biosecurity Response Management)



This course covers the theoretical and practical knowledge required to install and maintain electronic surveillance devices (cameras), from selecting an appropriate device, to deployment, concealment, management of evidence gathered and the relevant legislation that applies. Target Audience: Any officer who may be required to deploy or manage electronic surveillance devices or data storage as part of compliance operations. (eg. Regional Officers, Rangers, Compliance Officers, Environmental Officers, Health and Building Inspectors; etc).


Delivery Mode

  • Face to Face
  • RPL
  • Online Learning



2 days ? 

Learning outcomes

What we will cover:

  • The aim of electronic surveillance
  • Types of electronic surveillance devices available including their components and limitations
  • Practical exercise in camera concealment
  • Legislation that applies to electronic surveillance devices in particular their deployment as well as management of evidence including personal and private information
  • Documentation and procedures for the deploy or manage electronic surveillance devices
  • Recording, storing and destroying information
  • Practical exercise in camera deployment, retrieval and storage of information


University of Canberra
1 Kirinari Street,
Bruce, ACT 2617


Units of Competency